Task Management Hack: Captio to Asana


It has been a while.  I have been a bit busy with our company Tellagence.  Because life is a bit crazy I'm always looking for ways to be more efficient.  I have always looked at task management systems and I have currently settled on Asana.  It is a good system that is improving consistently but one area that is lacking is the speed that I can enter a task on my phone.  They have decided to build the application using a mobile site which requires it to reload every time.  Not good for the need. 

My memory sucks.  If you have to wait more than a second to enter a task it becomes an issue.  I know that sounds crazy but when you think of a task you need to get it out of your head and captured.  Many times you are doing something that you don't want it to distract you from for more than a second or two - like talking with someone.  

One of the blogs I read is by Brad Feld.  He recently blogged about a task took he uses - Captio.  It is a great little app which allows you to email yourself a task very quickly.  Because I apply GTD as my methodology for organization another email does not do me much good.  I don't use my email inbox as a task list (bad idea).  

Asana allows you to email tasks but the email that comes from Capito is a standard email address so I had some concerns about someone else doing the same thing.  Then I might get other people's tasks and vice versa.  So I needed to auto forward any email to my gmail account from Capito to Asana.  I couldn't figure it out very easily so I used my favorite tool on the internet - IFTTT.  

I created a task that hooked to my gmail and forwarded any email from Capito to Asana.  Now I have a quick task hack.  You can use my recipe here.