Apple Continues to Push the Retail Experience

I had to run into the Apple store today in downtown Portland like I have many times before.  I am always amazed at the number of people that are in there ALL the time - which may be why they have proposed to the City of Portland to build an amazing store downtown.  

Apple has always been great at making the shopping experience something you desire at most other stores.  Most of the store employees can check you out with their iPhone but today there was a new twist.  

If you walk in with your iPhone, have on wireless and location services you can use the Apple Store app to check yourself out for any item that does not require someone to get it out of the back.  It was cool and easy.  You open the app, put the camera over the bar code (just like a QR code reader), enter your apple password and you are done.  It works just like if you bought an app or a song.  


The guy that was helping me said that they are suggesting it to all users.  If you walk in and need a cord or headphones or anything on the shelves you can scan it yourself and walk out.  No help required.  If you get stopped at the door you show your receipt on your phone - otherwise it is on the honor system.  

I found it amazing.  You can get the app here if you don't have it.  Nice job Apple.