Major Life Changes



Four weeks ago today marked the official end of the last 8.5 year chapter of my life and the start of the next very exciting one. May 24th was my last day at Tripwire. Tripwire was a place that gave me massive opportunity and space to grow. It was only my second job after leaving college and it gave me the chance to do everything from accounting and finance to running a business unit to pioneering the use of social media.

I enjoyed my time but it was time to move on.  I realized that I wanted to do something that my heart was in fully and I was deeply passionate about.  For me over the past few years that has been social media.  I love the technology, the people and the interactions.  I find the whole space fascinating and that is probably why I spend all of my free time working on some aspect of it.  

A few hours after my last day, I started a new company with my co-founder Nitin Mayande.  Nitin and I have been chatting for a few years and have been exploring this idea for about a year now.  As I implemented multiple social strategies at Tripwire there was always a gap in the data and analysis that I wanted to see to be able to make decisions.  Nitin has been studying social networks as part of his PhD over the past 5 years.  If you combine his research and understanding of social networks with my problem and vision you get something pretty special.  

Nitin and I are writting over at The Study of Social as we build this business.  We are working to bring businesses actionable data about their areas of interest on social networks to help them achieve their business objectives with the most impact and the best use of resources.  Big data, social interactions and technology -what could be more exciting!

Stay tuned for more.  I will be writing hear about various things as always but also documenting my journey over the next months and years.  It is exciting to get up every day and work on the things that get you excited.  

This is a huge change that is a little scary but it is massively exciting.  Thanks to everyone for their support.  I greatly appreciate it!