My GTD Weekly Review is Anxiety Management

I had someone point out to me the other day that the reason that I was calmer after doing my weekly review each week was because it was really about anxiety management. I think she was spot on.

If you have no idea what that means you can check out the organizational productivity method created by David Allen. The weekly review is the part of the process where you go through all your projects and make sure you know what the next actions are based on your objective.

What I have found is that the majority of my anxiety each week comes from worrying that I have captured everything and I'm doing the right next thing. This is not perfect but it sure helps me to feel like I have my arms around everything. Given I'm a pretty low prudence person by nature this is my compensating factor. This is my chance each week to make sure my lists are consolidated. I have my eye on all my projects and the list of projects is complete.

Monday hits and I'm off into another crazy week but this little piece of GTD reduces so much stress each week that I would HIGHLY recommend it.