My First Experience at Helping Organize a Conference

Until I made the move to start my own company 4 months ago, I spent the last 8+ years at Tripwire in the IT security industry.  About two years ago I discovered Security B-Sides.  I had the chance to attend events in Las Vegas, San Francisco and Austin.  Because a group of us appreciated the value they provided and the people involved in them, we decided to organize one in Portland.  It was a huge success and a learning experience.  Here is a video shot by the team over at Tripwire that summarizes the event.  You can also check out lots more great content over on the Tripwire blog (here and here).

You can also check out a bunch of pictures from the event thanks to @mayakamoshita over at Tripwire. (She is awesome!)

Thanks to the amazing @cindyv, @andergard and @apebit for being great people to work with so we could pull off this amazing event.