What Does 2011 Have In Store For You?

Happy New Year everyone!

The start of a new year is a great time for people to feel like they get a fresh start and new things are possible. Funny how the change of a year can do that for people. 2010 was an interesting year for me. Family life continues to get more busy. We have three kids that are getting to the age that every night it filled with some activity. I started My Weekly Adventure, which was very fulfilling but has slowed way down now that winter has come. This blog has been fun but intermittent. Work was a strange year because for the first time in my career I have not had a team but I acted more like an internal consultant. My constant search to add value at work has lead me to lots of different projects. As a result, I am spread too thin across many high impact projects.

As I move into 2011, the challenge will be to narrow the things I need to focus on to accomplish my goals. I have found that my time is spread across way too many things. If I can align my activities towards my goals and learn to say no to things that are fun but not helping me to my goals 2011 will be a very exciting year that could set the course for the next few years.

This blog still remains important to me. My desire is to create a level of focus that allows this to be a space that adds value to people exploring social media. I'm hoping that my experience at work and on other projects around social media is something that I can communicate here so that others can guide me in my learning and learn from my experiences just as I have from so many other bloggers in the industry.

I'm excited about what this year will bring. What are your challenges and goals for the new year?