Book Review: Delivering Happiness

I am really ready for the day when the Matrix comes true in the sense that someone can upload information to my brain. I have so so much I want to read that there is no way I can keep up with all the books, magazines, RSS, tweets and whatever is next. One of my favorite ways to keep up on things I really want to read is to listen to audio books on my commute. My commute is about 40 minutes, which for Portland is a long one. I try to make sure I always have a book ready to go when my mind is in a place to listen.

I recently listened to Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose by Tony Hsieh. Usually books stay in my cue for some time because I am always ready to move to the next subject to finish most books I start. This book jumped straight to the top because I am a big fan of Tony's. I'm glad it did. This was a really great book on audio because Tony reads it himself. He has a way of storytelling that really makes you think he is telling you this story directly. Tony is famous for being the CEO of Zappos and his view on culture in a company and customer service. His story is rather amazing because of the choices he made. Most people want to get where he did with his first startup but that is not what drives Tony.

I have talked to a couple of friends who have read the book recently, and they were thrilled with it. It is a book that anyone in business can fully appreciate because of the great story and the open candor whic  it is told. If this new mentality of the importance of culture and how business culture is changing you will find this book very interesting.

I had the chance to meet Tony last year at SXSW. He randomly sat down at a table with me while I was eating lunch. He is one of the most unassuming people you will ever meet. A very laid back guy who has had extraordinary success. If you want more info here is a video on Amazon where Tony talks about the book. They are also on a book tour on the Delivering Happiness Bus. You can check out the details here - they are coming to Portland on 11/19 so get ready!