What I Learned In Social Media This Week

The Social Media Playbook for Business

This week it hit me that I need to formalize a lot of what is in my head about how we run social media where I work. Much of social media is about reacting to the situations you encounter in your social network. But there is a chuck that is routine based on the activities that your company is engaging. I want business to become much more efficient with their time in social media so I have decided to write a social media playbook for those routine events. By reducing the variation in these events, we will be able to focus the majority of our time on building relationships that matter in our network. More to come on that later, but I am excited to see if I can pull this off in a way that adds a ton of value to our efforts.

Seesmic Desktop 2

For a couple of years now, there has been a battle of Twitter desktop applications with the main players being Tweetdeck and Seesmic. I have tried them both and seem to always drift back to using Tweetdeck on my laptop and Seesmic on my iPhone. That may be changing. Seesmic just launched Seesmic Desktop 2 which adds a new twist. They have created SD2 as a platform and they have launched the Seesmic Desktop Marketplace . This allows third parties to create plug-ins that people can use in the platform that extend their functionality. We did something like this in our startup which has a ton of potential if you can nurture the community to embrace it and continue to grow it. Right now there are only a few plugins but there are some that start to show the power.  I am interested in trying out the Topsy plug-in. 

My favorite thing they have done which does not appear to be an official plug in yet is with Salesforce Chatter. Here is a video of Marc Benioff at Cloudforce 2010 in London with Loic demoing the feature. The power of this is that for companies that want to embrace social media and use Salesforce chatter Seesmic becomes an integral part of their daily work life. Nice work to Loic and the entire Seesmic team. I love the fact that Loic has this vision which is larger than most of the other applications. It will be interesting to watch to see if this gets traction.


Apple updated iTunes last week to version 10. This does a few things but one of the more interesting was the addition of Ping. Ping is a music based social network. I had a chance to play with it a little this week and it was so so. I set up the types of music I listen to and like. It tried to do a self assessment based on my library but it really chose poorly. The main focus of the network seems to be on artists and their posts. For me that has a very limited novelty to it, but I will need to play with it some more to see if there is real value there or not.