3 Great Examples of Churches Using Social Media

I have long been a fan of seeing Christian organizations using the online tools in the world. Most of these orgs are very scarred of change and of new things, but there are people out there doing some very cool things. I was inspired to make this post by seeing Chris Brogan talking about today. Looks like Chris checked in on this service this morning and had some good things to say. So with that, here are three great resources. Please add more in the comments section if you know of other resources.

1. is a christian church out of Oklahoma, and they have a big presence online. This is not like an organization that has a few bits and pieces online. This group is seriously plugged in. They have a great website, Facebook, photos, videos, live streaming, Twitter - the whole nine. I have only poked around the site a little but Chris Brogan spent some time there this morning and wrote up his thoughts on watching the service live.

2. YouVersion also is the producer of YouVersion. YouVersion is a digital bible and community. I originally started using this online but they have massively expanded to most mobile devices, including the iPad. It is simple and clean, and the best part is the community. Many people read the bible and have thoughts they want to share about what they are reading or see what others are saying. This allows you to do that. People are forming community groups online around this service which allows people to easily interact online.

3. The Village

The Village is a church in Texas that I was turned on to by a friend of mine. He had been listening to the sermons online and loved the pastor. The church has a great website with three campuses around Dallas. They podcast their sermons every week - which are good. They are very active on Facebook and Twitter. I have never been to this church but I feel connected to the lead pastor, Matt Chandler. He has used all of the social media tools to document his battle with brain cancer. He uses a ton of video which connects very strongly with people and his blog. He was supposed to lose but he seems to be winning the battle. It is a really amazing story. They are doing a great job of creating community, not only in Dallas, but online. I do think that because of their online presence it makes their local presence even stronger.

If you know of other great examples please post them in the comments section. I love to see examples of people that actually get it and are using social media to build community and conversation instead of a bullhorn or have now idea how to engage.