What I Learned In Social Media This Week: Rowfeeder

This edition is really what I learned over the last two weeks to be honest. Last week I was in Las Vegas for Bsides Las Vegas. This was a gathering of some of the best minds in information security. A great few days. The company I work for (the views in this blog are my own and don't represent them in any way) was one of the sponsors for this event. We wanted to give away an iPad in a way in a fun way that supported the Bsides movement and was not corporate marketing. This group is very active on Twitter and provided great coverage of the event. So we made it simple. The person who tweeted using #BsidesLV + was retweeted the most won.

Simple. Now how would you go about tracking that. I can tell you that I have become very frustrated with pulling metrics out of Twitter. There are tons of services but they only do what they want to do without much flexability. I have a long finance background and thus am very comfortable in spreadsheets. I have tried to use most every metric service out there and have decided I really just want the raw data that i can sort and report on.   

Presenting Rowfeeder. It is a simple premise. You tell it what keyword you want to track. It sniffs Twitter and it dumps each tweet into a Google doc. Then I can sort and do pivots on the data. I love it. I chatted with Damon Cortesi, CoFounder and CTO, this week to talk about possible things we could do. The cool thing was that I could see the tweets being logged in real time to the Google Doc. It was super simple to sort and report so that I could announce the winner in minutes.  This also gave me the data so that I could do just about anything else to it.

I would absolutely suggest you give this a try. There is a ton of value already and even more potential.