How Would You Respond To: Employees First, Customers Second

Last year I had the chance to attend a week at Harvard. Harvard teaches based on the case study method and one of the main cases we worked on during the week I was there was about HCL Technologies Ltd. in India and Vineet Nayar, thier CEO. I was very intrigued by this case because of the massive change using unconventional methods that he implemented in such a large organization. Vineet has now come out with a book about how he did this.

I came across these two videos. The first video is an overview for the book. The second video is an interview where he talks about the basis for the book and some of the ideas. The concept is to put employees first and customers second, which is contrary to everything you are taught, but his rationally is very interesting. I am becoming more fascinated with companies that take a strong stance on organization communication, transparency of data and culture. Zappos is the most know for this in the US but HCL is a great example of the power of harnessing your most important asset - the people.

What do you think? As an employee or as a customer of that company?