What is the Crucial Skill for Tomorrow's Leaders?

What makes a great leader? What is the fundamental skill you need to be a successful leader? What does it take to be the type of leader that people want to follow not just someone who has a title that would imply they should be a leader?

I have been following the Harvard Business YouTube channel, and they keep serving up great stuff. This is a video from this week that I love. I have studied leadership for a long time and observed many people in "leadership" roles. It amazes me how some people get to a level of organizational leadership (i.e. they have the right title) yet no one wants to follow them. Why not? Lack of trust.

This is a dangerous situation because eventually that lack of trust starts to spread like cancer in the organization. It can spread upward in the organization because there is no action being taken to improve the situation or it can spread down where people start acting on their own because of the lack of leadership.

I am a very firm believer that building relationships by earning trust is a very, very key element to why people want to follow a leader. I would not be successful in my job if I did not have relationships throughout my organization with people who trusted me. It takes time to earn trust with people and it can take an instant to do major damage to that trust. Definitely a crucial skill for tomorrow's leaders. There are lots of pieces to this answer in this video but the first answer is my favorite.

Do you have experience with this? Any good advice for leaders seeking to build trust? Any chance of an untrusted leader turning things around? Would love to hear your stories.