Help! I Am Addicted To Information

I've been know to have an addictive type of personality. When I was 17 I started smoking. I continued to do that for 7 years at a pace of about a pack a day. I would still be doing it today probably if I had not met my wife. I knew she would never marry me, let alone date me, if I smoked. That was enough motivation for me to finally quit. It was a tough couple of years but it was when I first realized that I don't quit things easily - for better or worse.

Over vacation during the 4th of July, I realized something that I have know for some time now but probably did not want to admit. I am addicted to the flow of information that things like my iPhone, iPad, the Internet, Twitter and Facebook bring to my finger tips. Even when there is nothing new, I was checking it over and over. My wife pointed out that I never put the stuff down, and I realized that I was trying to do everything. This resulted in doing everything partially, which resulted in more stress because because I wasn't getting anything to the point I wanted it.

When the iPhone first came out it didn't support active sync and exchange, so I did not have email on it. After a few days of twitching from the withdrawal, I realized the great amount of freedom that came with not being tethered to email. Those days are long gone. With increased networks, wifi everywhere and new devices there is little chance that data will slow down. It will inevitably speed up.

My motivation to start to segment my life it my kids. They are the most important thing in the world to me and every little bit of attention that you can give to them means the world to them. Here is a hint - if you find yourself frustrated at your kids because they say things like, "Papa, Papa, Papa, Papa, Papa,...". That is a good sign they are use to you not responding to them.

I am trying to put down the devices and give dedicated time to my kids because they deserve it.  That does not mean that I want to get less done. I still have very high ambitions and desires for data but that should not come at the expense of my kids. The current result is me paying half attention to my kids and getting frustrated because I never get anything done. I will say that technology is a great thing that will improve our lives but if not balanced properly it will do more harm than good. I wish I could be that guy that could have a smoke or two at the bar and not think twice about it the next morning but nope - not me.

Anyone else have this issue or is it just me? Any tips on how to better segment?

The image is from the book Reworkir.gif that I will be writing a review about soon.