PivotViewer: A New Way To Visualize Data

I am a visual person. I love interacting with something instead of just consuming mass data. Most people do - which is part of the reason things like the iPad and iPhone are so popular. I recently took a class from Edward Tufte and was blown away by some of the data visualization that he presented. Mitch, a friend of mine at work, and I have been sharing different cool visualizations we have come across. He also attended the session which spurred this conversation.

One of the things that we both came across was this new technology from Microsoft called PivotViewer. Here is a TED video that shows a demo of it and if you follow the previous link it will take you to the home page where there are more demos and info. Very cool stuff with lots of possibilities.

Would you rather see your data like this or are you find just reading table after table of data?