Digg's "Secret" You Tube Preview of Version 4

On May 28th Digg sent out a "secret" YouTube link to people in the press and publishing industries who they thought were influential to preview the next version of Digg. A "secret" YouTube link is a video you can post to YouTube that you don't mark private but you make it secret. This means that it will not show up in search or your channel but anyone can view the video of they have the link. This was obviously a leak that they had hoped would go viral. At the time I am writing this they only have about 35,000 views. I would have assumed that if this had gotten out more it would have more hits - unless people have really just written them off as irrelevant.

If you have been on the social web for a while you know that back in the day Digg was one of the darlings of the internet and was one of the hottest sites. Over the past year or two they have lost quite a bit of relevance with so many services and sites out there today. This new version is a massive upgrade. I have to admit that I never cared about Digg because I really didn't care what cool thing was on the front page. I do care about what my network thinks is interesting. This is essentially the same type of thing that Twitter  It will be very interesting to see the response they get when this is launched.

Here is the video - definitely worth checking out.