Toyota's Viral Video Helping Repair Its Image

I am a big fan of Toyota, but there is no doubt that they have taken a public image beating over the past year. We own 2 Toyotas in our family. I drive a 2001 Toyota 4Runner that runs great and I love. We drive the family around in a 2007 Toyota Sienna minivan. That's right - we are minivan people. I know this past year has been rough on Toyota but I have no doubt they will get things turned around. Their biggest challenge is the public perception of the brand. They had such a great brand in the past, and it is still good but they have taken some withdrawals from the brand bank account.

You may have seen the new Sienna mini van commercials that are on TV. If not here are some of them.



These are GREAT. Then over the past week or so I saw this video going around Twitter and Facebook. This is a fantastic use of social media by a company that needs a boost. When I first saw this about a week and a half ago it had about 1.5 million views.  At the time I am writing this it has over 3 million views.  This video that is never meant for TV is have a huge reach and positive branding effect.  The video is funny - thus has become viral. It connects with an existing campaign and the Swagger Wagon not only refers to the minivan and the family in the commercial but Toyota. This marketing campaign is helping to get Toyota's swagger back. Nice work Toyota.