What I Learned in Social Media This Week

This is not really new this week but I learned that there is no ultimate tool in social media. There is SO MUCH stuff out there that does a slightly different thing. It is a little painful at times because I just want to have what I want to have. Maybe we will just have to build it. OK - Enough of my rant.

This week I wanted to share The Twitter This has become one of my favorite tools in social media. I follow about 1200 people and as you know (or you will find out) if you follow over 30 people you are going to miss tweets. The alternative is to be on Twitter 24/7 and watch it all. When people ask me about Twitter and they think they have to watch every tweet like they do email, I give them this analogy. Imagine that Twitter is a coffee shop that is full of all of your friends. You walk in and you hear the conversations that are going on while you are there. When you leave you don't hear those conversations that take place while you are gone. The Twitter is like someone is taking notes for you and you can see the summary of what your network is chatting about.

This works great if you have a group of people you follow that are all similar. If you don't, it is still great but your report is longer and more spread out. Twitter is a page that refreshes each time you go to it and it aggregates what your network is talking about the most. The most discussed articles appear on the top. Here is a video that talks about Twitter and will give you a good overview.  I have this open in one of my tabs automatically when my browser opens. I can scan the feed and quickly be caught up each day. This is a must have for me and getting the most out of Twitter.

The Twitter Times - Video Tour from Maxim Grinev on Vimeo.