My Long Day To Get An IPhone 4

I was one of the people that have an iPhone4 reserved. The day that you could preorder, I tried on the website that morning from 6:30 to 11:30 that afternoon. I had no luck so I went into the Apple store to see if they could help. The only thing they had to offer was the same website I was trying. They did suggest that I download the Apple Store app that was released that day. After downloading it, I tried it and amazingly got one reserved! I tried for my wife's phone right after that and the app was no longer accepting reservations.

Well today is the day to pick up that reserved phone. I had a meeting at 8 am so I decided to get up "early" to make sure I was in the front of the line to get mine before the meeting. I got up at 5:15, got ready and headed downtown. One the way over from where I park I walked by an ATT store. There were 4 people in line so I thought I was in pretty good shape. I arrived to at Pioneer Place Mall in Portland, Oregon at about (5:15-typo from the original post) 6:30 to this scene.

There were two lines - reserved and not reserved. There were easily 1200 people there in line between both lines with quite a few more people in the reserved line. I talked to some of the people toward the front of the reserved line and they said they had been in line outside since 3:30 - those people were 40 people deep in line - AND they were reserved! Amazing. I am excited about going from the 3G to 4 but not that excited.

Since I have one reserved I can go over there at any point today and I should have one with my name on it. I am at a meeting at the Nines across the street from the store all day so I might go back over at lunch. If not I will go over about 5:30 when we are done and pick it up. I would guess that some people will wait 3+ hours to get the phone this morning. I hope that my wait this after noon is more like 30 minutes. Good luck.

UPDATE: I walked back over the to the Apple store after my day of meetings and there was still the massive line. Looks like there was no letting up today. The issue is that if you don't get your reserved phone you loose your chance for weeks. I have been in line for 2 hours now and have moved about 100 feet. They are estimating that we will get in the store maybe by 11. We might get screwed out of the wait tonight. They are offering to give you a ticket to come back tomorrow. At this point I am invested and am going to stick it out. They estimate the wait at 3-5 hours.

I asked one of the Apple guys why they don't just hand us the phone and let us go home like they have with all the other phones. They say the issue is that they have to activate the phone in the store because of the new micro SD memory card. ATT is in the store activating all the phone. So once again I blame my crappy user experience on ATT. More updates later...

UPDATE: After 4 hours I finally got my iPhone. I am really tired and ready to sleep. We were not the longest wait of the day. One of the Apple employees told me that some of the people that had reserved phones waited for 9 hours and the longest wait for people without a reservation was 13 hours. The only reason I waited 4 hours was because I was already 2 hours invested. At any rate I can say that Apple does an amazing job of hype to drive thousands of people to wait in a line today to get an updated version of what most of them already had.