Making Ideas Happen

I recently read Making Ideas Happen: Overcoming the Obstacles Between Vision and Reality (Amazon Affiliate Link) by Scott Belsky (@scottbelsky). I had the opportunity to hear Scott present at SXSW in 2009 and 2009. In 2008 I had no idea who he was and heard him speak on this organization system called the Action Method. It is a system designed with creative individuals in mind to help them execute. The product is built based on the learnings in this book although the book is not an advertisement for the product directly. He actually does a great job about talking about GTD, Evernote and other competitive products in positive ways.

On a side note I used the Action Method for about 6 months and liked it quite a bit. I love the visual aspect of it and the interface but in the end it did not have enough of the things I needed. The main issues was that there was no offline copy. I don't quite live in the world of constant internet access yet. I will write another post about it at some point with my thoughts if you are interested.

This book is about the fact there are lots of creative people in the world and lots of ideas come along every day. The ideas that make an impact are the ideas that get executed. To figure out how the best creatives get stuff done they went out and studied them. The results are rather interesting. Most of the things that you would thing would make someone productive are not always the ones that work, especially for creatives. I was attracted to this book because I have lots of ideas and until recently I was not getting many of them anywhere other than rolling around in my head. (This was one of my inspirations to make My Weekly Adventure a reality.)I definitely took some nuggets from this book that I will meld into my own system. I do wish the book would have been more prescriptive and brought it all together better in the end but that is a small nit.

The book is a nice easy read and really has some great stuff in it especially if you are the creative type and you don't get very far with your ideas. Even if you do, this book will improve your process. I would also suggest that you check out the Action Method products when you are done with the book. They do a great job of bringing most of the ideas in the book to life in their products. Now if only they would have an offline version!

Please let me know what you thought of the book once you have a chance to read it.