What I Learned This Week In Social Media

I was thinking about the things that I came across this week as I have been working in social media and I decided I wanted to create a series of posts of what I learned in social media this week. Some times that might be tools (I love finding the new shinny objects) and sometimes it might be about tactics or strategies.

This week I discovered some cool things. I am not claiming that these are all hot off the press by my own little ah ha's for the week.


Blackbird Pie is a tool that allows you to select a tweet and get an embed code. This is better than using SnagIt or Jing to take a picture. You just enter the text in the box at the top and here is what you get:


Here is the result:

Congratulations to our CEO Jim Johnson who is the @techamericaOR CEO of the year tonight. #OTA10less than a minute ago via HootSuite


The second (and final for this week) is Topsy. A friend of mine turned me on to this company telling me that they were doing some cool stuff. This is a very cool search tool. Great for Twitter and the web in general. I wish they had an export feature to CSV - hopefully that will come later.

It picks up Tweets, blogs, websites, photos and you can filter that data and time. Go over and give it a try. You can see how many times each thing has been tweeted also. Nice clean interface.

That is it for this week's learning. A new adventure to come next week.