User Experience Is King - Please Tell Peoplebrowsr

I am always searching for new tools in social media to help in my journey. At work we are always looking for something that has all the features we need to do posting, monitoring and metrics. One of the products that has the most potential is Peoplebrowsr. They have lots of great analytics and data but their issue has always been and continues to be their user experience. I have worked in software for 7 years now and ran a startup last year in which one of my major takeaways was user experience is king. We created a product that harvests and analyzes a ton of data but the first version was a miss because the user experience was really lacking.

Below I posted a video of one of my frustrations with Peoplebrowsr. This is a minor thing but this happens all over their site and the cumulative effect of that is a VERY frustrating experience. There is no other site that I use that produces even close to the level of frustration I get from Peoplebrowsr. So - Peoplebrowsr please do some work to understand and fix some of these issues. It will be a HUGE benefit to you. If you are ever working on software remember that if your users have a bad experience they won't come back if there is an alternative.

What do you think? Have you experienced frustration with Peoplebrowsr? Do you care about your user experience?