Foursquare Would Be a Jackpot for Las Vegas

I attended Interop Las Vegas 2010 last week and had some thoughts about casinos and the use of social media - particularly Foursquare. I think there is SUCH an opporutnity to use Foursquare in Vegas. I have been a Foursquare user for some time and have gone through all of the stages of using it. On a daily basis I am kind of tired of it. But when I go to an event it is fun and exciting again. It worked great at SXSW this year because there were special badges that you could earn by being there. There were special to do's for the event that could get you prizes and people were leaving tips all over the place which made exploring Austin all that more fun. You could also see where the action was by what was trending in the area or where all your friend were.

Vegas is an event 24/7. Everyone that goes there is either there for a convention or to have fun. Either way people want to have a good time and explore the city. When I go I want to know about the best places to eat - based on my friends recommendations. I want to see tips or to do's from others. What would be really cool is if the casinos engaged people staying in Vegas. There is such an opportunity here. From creating badges for specific Vegas only things to having tips all over the town to doing something like Bravo is doing.

Here is a video that I shot after getting back from Vegas as a download of my thoughts. I probably would not have thought about this so much if I had not ended up at the Luxor and seen the time share guys trying to give away free nights. I thought it was the Luxor people trying to get people to come back again. Given where I would assume the Luxor is in their life cycle as a property in vegas and the people that come to visit that casino I would think that Foursquare might be a GREAT fit. It would give them something that would differentiate them and make their brand appear innovative. They already have a good presence on Twitter (@LuxorLV) and seem to be engaging people pretty heavily there.

What do you think? Would you play Foursquare in Vegas? Would you want special badges for Vegas? Would you visit a casino just to check in or complete a to do in order to get something in return. I know some of you would because at SXSW we went to places purely to get the rewards of Foursquare and nothing more.