What I Learned In Social Media This Week

Until yesterday night this post was going to be about something different. Then it happened. Seesmic finally released an iPhone app. FINALLY! I know I am a dork but I really like how @Loic conducts himself - in general and more specifically with his customers. So I have been rooting for them but that was seriously taking a nose dive. I just couldn't understand why they were not bringing an iPhone app to market. But now they have it. I have been using it since last night and I really like it. The one thing with Seesmics products is that they seem to take significant time to make sure the performance is there. This is the edge that will get me to consider switching from their main competition TweetDeck. TweetDeck tends to be very quick to market but the performance sucks. I guess that is the tradeoff.

Yesterday was a big day in social media because not only did this iPhone app come out but Seesmic released a preview version of their new Seesmic Desktop app. I have been unable to get this to load on my Mac but I have it running on a PC and like it to this point. It does everything I need in a nice clean interface.

TweetDeck was the first out yesterday with a new version of their desktop platform. As I mentioned above TweetDeck is quick to market but tends to lack in performance. Because they are quick to market they have more features. You can see in the video below some of the new features they have added in this latest release. The fousquare stuff is really cool. I don't care about Google Buzz because I never use it and I don't know anyone that does unless they just have a feed pushing to it. The other interesting thing with TweetDeck is that they are ditching the Adobe Air platform and moving to HTML5. Another hit for Adobe.

These are two companies with different approaches that will make for an interesting race for quite a while. TweetDeck has chosen to be quick to market and continue to add features that make for a very rich experience. Seesmic and Loic seem to be taking a much larger view of the world - more of a enterprise class software approach. They are building a platform that they hope developers will add functionality that will push their feature set further than they could by them selves. I like this approach for the long term because I think it makes for a much better product but it doesn't do much for my patience. I have harassed Loic over and over about the lack of an iPhone app. I guess I will have to find a new horse to beat. I KNOW! Hey Loic where is my beautiful iPad app to complement these other two? Being in software myself I understand development takes more time than people realize but being a consumer I want it yesterday.
A big day for social media. I will talk about Tap11 soon which is something I have played with a little bit and was the original topic for this week.