Peoplebrowsr is Listening and You May Not Know What They Do - I Didn't

A few times now I have written about about my issues with Peoplebrowsr and their user experience. (Dear Peoplebrowsr - I want to love you. Really I do, but... & User Experience is King - Please Tell Peoplebrowsr) I have wanted to love Peoplebrowsr for a long time but they make it so hard yet you can quite shut them out. If you take a look at them you can tell that there is something there but it is hard to identify what. After my last post and Twitter stream the people at Peoplebrowsr responded. They contacted me on Twitter, Facebook and they commented on my blog post. I was pleased to know they are listening and working to improve, although as of the time of this post they had not fixed the simple login issue I noted in my last post.

I was poking around on the site and decided to click on the data mine image at the top. It takes you to a list of options. It is somewhat of a random list but I selected Get Special Report option which allowed me to send an email. Later that day I was contacted by 2 people from Peoplebrowsr and I had a call with Becky Wang and we chatted about what was possible. What I found out was interesting. Peoplebrowsr has 18 months of all Twitter data saved in storage. They claim the only other people to have such data is Twitter. They have quite a head start on any competitors but at some point that advantage runs out because people are only going to care about that data looking back for so long.

They have a nice platform to respond and monitor the Twitter stream but they card they should play is being the experts in data and reporting. I can tell you from my experience at Tripwire that this is something we are struggling getting in the way we want. There are so many little tools out there this is an area of real opportunity. They should kill all the other stuff they do and focus. Be really good at one thing and not confusing at a bunch.