Blogger's Block

Over time I have become better and better about blogging and enjoying it more and more. There are times when I get busy and don't think I have time to write but I have not lacking for ideas these days (Lack of time is a joke - it takes me 15-30 minutes to do). Two weeks ago I blogged every day and came up with a series that I was excited about writing on Fridays - What I Learned In Social Media This Week. I am working in social media on a daily basis at my day job so I have lots of things to chat about. It is my most popular series that doesn't have anything to do with social media that is causing my blogger's block.

I have a finance background and am irritated at the offerings out there to manage your money so I have hacked together a personal system that works for me. I decided to share it on my blog because I wanted to help others if they found it useful. I started this series (How to Make Useful Part 1 & Part 2) and it took me well over a month to write the second post in the series. Last week my intention was to post part 3 and part 4 and be done. That exploded as I started to record the sessions in where it was rapidly exposing my financial info. The only way to avoid that was to not show all the parts of the system I wanted to. The other part was each time I recorded a section it was rapidly 5 minutes and I didn't get everything in there.

I have figured out how to get around all of that now and will be moving forward this week but here was my learning. You have to recognize when something is causing you to be unproductive. Instead of just plowing through it recognize it and work that factor into what you are doing. There are times you can't do this but for most things it is possible. For me on this issue I decided that I would make this series at least 6 parts that will post each Wednesday. This gives me a week to work through all the technical issues and give the depth in each post I want. Because this was such a hang up for me last week I felt really crappy about my lack of blogging even though I had some great ideas for last week.

So you can expect to see Part 3 of my Mint Hack Series this week - How To Make Useful Part 3 - Setting Up Your Budget In Mint