Some Resources for Understanding How to Engage the Crowd

Today I had the opportunity to speak at the Tech America event - Integration 2.0: Social Networks and the Enterprise. I was impressed with the quality of the sessions I went to. I was on the panel about Design Innovation. As I was gathering my thoughts about this subject leading up to today I was thinking about the resources that I have learned to answer some of the questions I had. What does it mean to engage the crowd? What is a crowd? Why do I care? What are people doing that are examples that this is worth the effort? I gave a few thoughts about my experiences that relate to design innovation in a previous post but I promised the people listening during the session that I would post some books that I found helpful when getting your head around these questions.

These are all great books that are specifically on the subject of crowds, how to engage they and why you would want to. I have not personally done a ton of work in this space but I have some ideas. :) Hopefully these are helpful if you are looking for that. FYI - they also all come on audio book which is great if you have any commute. I listened to all of these back and forth to work over a little more than a week.

We did not get much of a chance to take many questions on our panel so if you would like to chat you can find me on Twitter (@matthixson), email matt or give me a call 503.898.0112. I also took video of the panel that I will be posting, as well as the panel before with @RealGeneKim, I would be happy to chat about anything related to social media. I am very fascinated with the subject and I would love to hear the challenges that anyone out there is facing so I can learn through the experience of others and hopefully help a little.

Take Care -