Come Out to Integration 2.0 in Portland on April 1st


On April 1st, Tech America is hosting Social Networks & the Enterprise Unite: Integration 2.0 which is an event in Portland that will spend a half a day on social networks and how enterprises are working with them. You can REGISTER here if you are interested. Here is a 20% discount code that was designed for Twitter but since this will go out on Twitter also this should work fine :) TWEETFRIEND20. It will be a great event. I have been asked to be part of the Design Innovation Through Social Media panel which is one of the breakout sessions.

When I was asked to speak on this panel I had to go back and really separate out what things in social media we had worked on around design innovation at Tripwire. As I separated all of the things, I realized that we have done, explored and looked at many different levels of this. This ends up being such a large topic that as the panel members talked about it we really had to narrow what the conversation was going to be around. I will post the slides here once the panel is done and Tech America will also post the slides. When I started to think about the groups of things we have done they fell into a couple of buckets.


  • Wikis - The R&D group uses wikis a lot and as I ran the vWire business we used wikis to gather and collaborate on information, although it was not as successful as the R&D group does.
  • Blogs - We found that blogs were a great way to share ideas that needed to be open for public conversation and comment.
  • Yammer - this has allowed us to quickly share thoughts or have conversations. It is like a combination of twitter and IM. I am hoping this catches on more. I think there is quite a bit of innovation potential here.


  • Community - We implemented a Jive Community for vWire and one for the Tripwire customer base.
  • Twitter - This has been a great way to engage the thought leaders. This was especially true in vWire and is becoming more true every day in Tripwire.
  • Blog - This is a great place for us to put ideas out there and see what reaction they stir so that we can have great conversations with people.
  • User Voice - This is a tool that allows customers to submit feature ideas and it has a voting system. This allows the loudest customer not to be heard over the rest as opposed to understanding what the masses want. Jive has also just released the Jive Ideation product for their community platform.
  • Extensions of the Product - In vWire, we built a product that people could build their own searches, alerts and actions. We then allowed them to share this in the community.

So in looking back we have used quite a bit of these social networking tools to have a better connection with our customers which as hopefully driven us to be a better partner for our customers. All this is well and good but I am really fascinated to understand where the people in the audience are and what questions they have. Everyone is in such a different place with social media that it is really fascinating to me to see the adoption and how it is changing how people look at things. So if you come please bring your questions.

My good friend and video blogging partner Gene Kim (@RealGeneKim), Co-founder and CTO at Tripwire, will also be speaking on a panel here about called Demand Generation Goes Social . There is really a great list of speakers from all over Portland that are tackling social media in companies. So if that sounds like some thing you want to know more about or are dealing with now please come out and join us.