Today is the first day of SXSW

For the second year now, I am down at SXSW Interactive. Most people think that I am headed to a music show but this is the week that the social media world converges on Austin for the SXSW Interactive Conference. Last year I attended not really knowing what to expect and have been looking forward to returning ever since I left. It is an amazing week of people that are interested in the same subjects that I am - the social web and social media. This is not just where we are today but where we are going.      

The people that attend, range from the leaders of the current and next great social media companies to people that have used these tools and methods to build the businesses and lives they want to ordinary people who are curious and trying to learn. The great thing about this conference is that it is one of those weeks where everyone want to chat and is willing to hang out and have a beer no matter what bucket you fall into. So many people just want to connect and learn from one another it creates an amazing atmosphere. My brain was on fire after the week last year.

I go into this year much more prepared to get the most out of the week. I plan my time to get as much out of each session as I can. Don't be afraid to leave if it is not what you had hoped. There is probably a better session going on right next door. And there are alway great people in the halls for you to chat with . Some people even go just to hang in the halls to chat and go to parties. One of my most memorable sessions last year was when a bunch of us could not get into a session so we started our own with about 40 people. We had people with great experience and some with none at all. The subject? Twitter of course.   

This year I will meet lots of the people that I talk with on Twitter but rarely get a chance to see in person. I saw some of these people last year but did not feel like I could approach them - now I know they are just regular people who are doing things with their lives that I wish I could. I want to learn from these folks so that I can have the courage and vision to do the things that I am passionate about.

As this posts I start my 2nd SXSWi adventure.