Dear Peoplebrowsr - I want to love you. Really I do, but...



Dear Peoplebrowsr -

I want to love you. Really I do, but you make it so hard. For quite some time now I have checked you out. In the early days I tried you out. Looking to see what you had to offer. It looked promising but so so difficult to use. So I put you out of my mind.

Recently I was in deep need of some robust workflow that would allow me to explore followers and find new people to connect with. So I came back. You had changed. You had grown up. There were still some of those familiar pieces that you had before but now you were different. You weren't so awkward. I could actually use what you had to offer. I decided to give you another try. The engine that allowed me to communicate with others and monitor the twitter world was much better. You now had some robust analytics and the ability to find new people to follow. That was nice but in trying you out again you once again leave me wanting more.

You still are hard to use and have a user experience that leaves a lot to be desired. You still are disappointing. There is so much power there - you can tell but you still don't know how to use it. When you log into the site you can't really tell you are logged on or what you should do to get into the product. It only gets worse as you move along.

You give me some great analytics on the surface - probably better than most other tools I have seen. But again you come up short. There is no easy way to export what I find. There are no obvious tutorial videos. Please find someone to help your desperate user experience needs. I am still hanging on hoping that you will improve.

Still waiting-