The Super Bowl Missed Opportunity


Last year about this time I experienced the Super Bowl in a whole new way - on the Twitter backchannel. There were parts going on about the game but the most interesting part to me was the conversation going on about the commercials. It was very entertaining. As soon as one was over the chatter began. At first glance it is just fun to see what everyone thinks and add your own thoughts to the mix. But it is amazing when you put it in context of the people paying those big bucks for the commercials. They are getting instant direct feedback from a huge group of people who are willing to give their opinions - good/bad and everything in between. Not only is it feedback it is a chance for instant interaction.

Did you notice anything missing from this year's Super Bowl? How about Pepsi? They are usually a very large presence during the Super Bowl. They have elected to take that large chuck of cash they normally drop and put it into a social media campaign. You can check out the full details here. Pepsi is doing a great thing but it was amazing the amount of vendors that missed a massive opportunity to connect with people on a long term basis. There was only 2 commercials that even mentioned social media and NO ONE had a call to action using social media. If you missed the conversation you can go search on #superbowl, #SB44 or #brandbowl. This year #brandbowl was created just to talk about the commercials. The overall consensus on #brandbowl was that the commercials were weak. I hope that Madison Ave was listening and someone figures out how to leverage the conversation that happened. As a friend of mine Dylan Boyd (@dtboyd) said:

We have all just participated in the largest real time focus group ever. I wonder what all the data will show and what plans are made.

Gary Vaynerchuk was driving a great conversation on this exact subject during the Super Bowl at the time I was writing this. He has some great points that you should check out and see how Denny's responded to his comments.

Are you and your company still dabbling in building relationships using social media or are you still a megaphone company?