Do You Moo?

I recently discovered while I was reading The Whuffie Factor. What is Moo? It is a site that allows you to very easily make custom business cards, mini cards, post cards, and note cards. I really enjoyed this because of a couple things.


1. Easy to Use

One of my lessons learned over the past 2 years of working in a software company is that user experience is critical. They do a good job at this with a few minor issues.

2. Very personal

You can make these cards very custom to fit you. You can upload photos or custom graphics that fit who you are and your objective. This allows you to customize both sides of the cards.

3. Great Designers

I ended up using some of their designers to create some mini cards. Some times on sights like this you get some ready poor or boring designs but I REALLY liked what they had to offer. Below are the designs I picked out for the backs of my cards. It was less than $20 for 100 mini cards with some really great design.

One quick note on why would you want this. One of the things I want to work on this year is building better relationships with interesting people and broadening my network. I wanted these cards in time for SXSW. You meet a ton of people and they meet a ton of people. Last year I walked away with a stack of cards but only remembered who a few of these people were. I wanted something they might remember and this allows us to do that so that we can further build our relationship when we are not in person.

Why try Moo? Honestly because Tara Hunt (author of The Whuffie Factor) suggested them. She may not know me but I have followed her enough to trust them enough to give them a try.

Here are the designs I picked for my cards. What do you think?




201002141120.jpg   201002141121.jpg