Does anyone else need a mute button for a Twitter list?

I always record the Portland Trail Blazers games so that I can watch them when the kids are in bed and skip the commercials. I am doing this as I write. The issue is that I always have my computer on and always have up Twitter (maybe that is the issue?) I follow a number of NBA people, Portland sports writers and ESPN. Inevitably I see some update on Twitter from one of these people that give the game away for me. It really ruins the enjoyment of the game. So here is my feature request Twitter or for @loic and the Seesmic team or Tweetdeck. I want to be able to create a list for these people and when i am watching the game I can select mute for these people and temporarily remove them from my stream. I am currently watching the Blazers vs. the Mavs and I first saw they go into overtime. Then I saw they win. Then I saw Andre Miller scores 52 (wow!). So I am still watching the game because i know the ending is good but it is just not the same.

Is there anyone who can do this today or is working on this? Seems like I have seen this before and may be missing something easy - if so please point it out.  I would love to know your feedback - anyone else I have use case for this?