Lesson Learned #7 From My First Start Up

Lesson #7: Early Wins Are Essential

I know - DUH! This one seems obvious but it is really important. When you are in the middle of a startup you tend to have so much belief in what you are doing that you know if you just get enough time it will all work out. We made some critical mistakes in some of our assumptions about the sales channel. We knew how to fix it but ultimately we did not have enough runway to correct our mistakes. If we would have had some early significant wins I'm sure we would have gotten more time. Weather it is your Board of Directors, Investors or an internal group you need some early proof points to give you enough time.

I hope you have enjoyed my lessons learned. If you missed any in the past here is the listing of all of them. I would love to hear any comments you might have.


Lesson #1: Get the right people on the bus and in the right seats. Get the wrong people off the bus.

Lesson #2: Be Clear About the Business Problem You Are Solving

Lesson #3: Keep It Simple

Lesson #4: Do Your Homework and Get Candid Feedback

Lesson #5: User Experience is Critical

Lesson #6: Hand Hold your First Customers/Users