Seesmic buys and promises more to come - Let's hope

Seemic announced yesterday that they purchased Both of these platforms are about connecting you to your social media lives in different ways. allows you to post updates to over 50 different site/networks from one place. Seesmic is mainly focused on a platform that allows you to monitor all of your incoming and create outgoing Twitter and Facebook activity.

I am hoping for a few results from this purchase.

  • The integration will allow you to post from Seesmic to over 50 sites at one time.
  • Hopefully this will go the other way and allow you to monitor those sites from Seesmic.

I have 2 dreams that may be coming closer.

  1. One platform where I can monitor and create content for all of the networks I participate in.
  2. An iPhone app - It amazes me that they have not done this yet. Last year at SXSW I met @Loic (extremely nice guy) and we were talking about the battles between (at the time) Twhirl and Tweetdeck. Tweetdeck had a memory leak so I like most of Twhirl except for the lack of columuns. Then they came out with Seesmic Desktop - nice product. Tweetdeck countered with an iPhone app that saves your settings from the desktop. So I have been using Tweetdeck because I want the same thing on my mac and iPhone. I'm sure they are working on an iPhone app but it is UNBELIEVABLE how long this has taken. When it does come it better be kick ass or I'm not sure what the hold up was?

This is a video sent out in an email talking about the purchase. I am rooting for these guys because they are really trying to solve the issues people have and they are very responsive (other than the iPhone thing). I would keep an eye on them over the next couple of months as there should be good things coming. Maybe they will release the iPhone app at SXSW this year and it will be like something we have never seen.