The Web 2.0 Bible + Community is Now Even Better

One of my favorite apps and websites is You Version. On this website and iPhone app (they also do Blackberry and Android) you can read the bible in almost any translation. Here is a video preview of the new version of their iPhone app for anyone who has the resolution to read the bible this year.

I love this website and app for a couple of reasons:


  1. It works the way I live.  I am not very good at setting time aside to read my "old school" bible but with an iPhone app I can read it when ever - where ever.
  2. It has most any translation - I love this because some days I feel like NIV and some days it is the Message.  For you it may be something totally different.
  3. Now they have a reading plan for everyone - this is really, really flexible for your goals.  I have always thought I was going to read the bible each year but always failed.  This year I am going to focus on the New Testament.  There is a plan for that.
  4. Best of all there is a community.  You create a profile and can follow others.  People can leave comments about what they are reading and thinking about.  


The community group I was in at church fell apart some time ago.  I have had this thought that there are probably other people out there like me that would like to read the bible and have the support of a community but they don't want to belong to a traditional community group for one reason or another.  Maybe you have a job that you travel all the time but you want the support of a group like that - this could work really well for you.  I have been thinking about starting a community group at church that is digitally based with some face to face meetings but most of the "work" would take place in this community space.  The beauty of this idea is that it could happen with people from anywhere in the world.  If you are interested please let me know in the comments field and let's get a group going.  

I recently started a study group with some friends on a NING site.  They have been good about it and I have not been as much.  That is something to keep working on for me.  

I really just wanted to share this great website and iPhone app because this group has done an amazing job of bringing current technologies to the bible.  Churches can be quite a bit behind the times as far as adopting new technologies and this group has taken this on as a type of missionary which is great.