Bring yourself back to the present

One of the great people I met at Harvard had a great technique for reducing stress and bringing yourself back to the present moment. It is very simple. Take a few seconds and recognize each of your senses in the place you are at that moment.
Sight - look around you and notice all the details. Look at the cracks in the wall. Look at the speck of dirt on the floor. Recognize the shadows and so on.
Sound - Focus on the details. A bird chirping, a baby talking and rolling in his bed, etc.
Smell - this one is hard for me as I don't seem to notice different smells. Things like food baking, people walking by, etc.
Taste - This is powerful if you are eating or drinking, otherwise it might be what is still in your mouth from earlier.
Touch - the best example for me on this was if you are standing feel how you feet touch the ground.
Most of the time we are thinking about was has happened or what is going to happen not what is happening. By doing so we rob ourselves of the present moments. This is one way to bring yourself back to the present.

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