Get Mozy and forget your worries about losing all your memories

The last two weeks of my quest have fallen very short of where I wanted to be for a little more balance in life.  I realize that I am not going to make wholesale changes and balance everything overnight so I am taking on individual things at a time.  One of the items that has long been a nagging pain is backing up all of the data at my house.  A friend of my, @ThatDwayne, has long told me I should use Mozy because he loves it.  I have tried to use it in the past but on my wife’s old computer we used an external drive for all of her pictures and I could not get it to play nicely with that setup.  She now has a new computer with a 500gb hard drive so we keep all of the gazillion pictures and videos of the kids on that computer.  This makes things easier but only increases my anxiety about losing the data.  At our recent trip to the beach for the fourth of July we took over 500 pictures and with our 3rd kid I have realized how quickly they change and you can’t go back other than in pictures and video.  If that computer blue screened and we lost all of that data it would be crushing. 

So given the new setup I went back to check out Mozy.  The service is very simple and very cheap, it is $4.95/month for unlimited storage per machine.  This is the personal use plan.  It took me about 5 minutes to sign up for the service.  I downloaded the client onto each machine and the backup process got started.  It takes a look at the amount of data you are wanting to sync and then runs in the background to upload the files.  On my wife’s machine it estimated that it will 7 days to get it all sent to Mozy.  After that it syncs the backup on a regular basis.  No more worry.  A very easy way to remove a minor irritation that could become major heartbreak for $15/month.

Go check out MozyiJustine (check out her blog and videos – she is great) is a spokesperson for them and you can see a video of her on their home page.

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