Health: A better night sleep

For some time now I have woken up feeling stiff and exhausted.  I just assumed that it was the long hours and stress but after a week of vacation I realized that there might be another factor.  For a long time I have bitched about our bed and how I thought it was no good.  Last week at the beach I slept on a AeroBed for the week.  This is basically a glorified air mattress but I felt better every morning than I did at home.  I was not sleeping any more but I sure felt a ton better.  So this weekend I did something about it.  I finally broke down and bought a new bed.  Bed shopping is about as bad as car shopping but the good thing is that they will deal with you.  I ended up buying a Tempur-pedic Rhapsody.  It was great and I know about 4 people at work that have these type of beds and love them – not just like them but love them.  This is a little piece of the health category that I am putting rocks in the jar for but probably taking some out around the finance piece.  The bed was $3800 – Yikes!! - the only reason I ended up buying it was because they gave me 3 years no interest which makes it about $100/month – which I can handle.  They deliver it tomorrow so let the sweet dreams begin.

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