The Monk Has a Hint to the Riddle of the Red Rubber Ball


I started this blog on June 22, 2007.  Not exactly early to the game of blogging but I was after what many early blogger were after – understanding.  I was not early to blogging as a technology but blogging was in its early stages to me.  My objective was to learn, as it is today with all of the emerging social tools – this time I am not as behind the curve. 

I decided that my blog was to be about finding my passion.  I had no idea what it was.  At the time I was the Director of Finance at Tripwire in Portland, Oregon.  I was bored with my job and was searching for my passion.  I had no idea what it was so I decided this blog would be about whatever I felt like at the time.   The name was derived from my search of my passion which is explained in my second post.  I was not concerned about readers as I figured my only regulars would be my Mom, Dad and a few others.  That assumption has turned out to be mostly true which has resulted in sporadic readership which is most likely because of my lack of focus. 

Over the past year I have graduated from an MBA program and started working in Business Development.  This has been a great switch for me.  My job has evolved at breakneck pace over the past 5 months and has lead me to social media.  I have always found interest in two main things over the years – people/relationships and technology.  I realized over the past few months that this revolution is taking place around technologies like Facebook, Twitter and Friendfeed.  The exciting part to me is that these technologies are not even close to fleshed out and are still evolving.

Because of the emergence of all these things in my life I have decided that this blog will be focused around social media and how it is where relationships and technology meet.  With this focus and the desire to start developing a regular group of readers on this site I am working through the rest of the site redesign and an abbreviation to the name – so stay tuned.  This is a step in the direction of my riddle.