Bank of America solved my support issue on Twitter when the phone could not.

A few weeks ago I had on my to do list to pay my Bank of America card.  So I logged on to the B of A website and went to make my payment like normal but there was an issue.  I got a message that due to the status of my account I needed to call the support number.  I call and get to play the classic transfer game.  I went through about 5 people transferring me from one person to the next because everyone says that my account looks fine.  That was great to hear except for the fact that I still could not pay my bill.  They offered to pay my bill over the phone for no charge - how nice - but they needed my bank account number and routing number.  Who carries that with them?  I write about 1 check every 3 months so I don't have this info with me at work.  Finally I have had enough and I tell the latest person I am talking with that I have to go.  I really was not expecting to spend an hour trying to make a payment that should have taken 5 minutes.  The kicker is that the payment I was trying to make was for a whopping $15.

I was irritated to say the least so I went over to Tweetdeck and sent out this in frustration.

I posted this mostly to vent but also to see if anyone was listening.  I have done this before with @mint and @evernote - products I like very much - with no response.  The next morning I received this response on Twitter from @BofA_Help.

I send them over my cell phone number and was busy in meetings the rest of the day.  I come back to find a voice mail that they think they have fixed the issue.  So I log and on and low and behold the issue is fixed and I can give them my $15.  I have to say that this was potentially the easiest support issue I have ever had to deal with.  I give massive props to the entire team over there because they are doing a great job and taking care of customers.  This is more that I can say for the people on the phone.  

The reality is that people have more of a voice today than they have ever had in the past.  The benefit for companies is that if they are listening they can be part of that conversation and do something about repairing that relationship which is really the power of social media. 

In doing some googling on Bank of America on Twitter I came across this blog post were they talk about them launching their social media efforts in January of 2009.  I'm glad that companies like Bank of America are taking these new platforms seriously and staffing them with people who care about the users experience and are willing to help.  Thanks for all of your help Georgann!