A New Approach to Balance

Balance is a tough thing for me.  That is why I started thinking and talking about Complete Fulfillment (part 1 & part 2).  As the week gets into full swing I get engaged at work and come home to not enough time to assess what I need to do there.  For years I have read and used all sorts of organization and productivity books and tools such as Franklin Covey and GTD.  I have settled on GTD for the past 4-5 years and have spent that time trying to implement it – over and over and over.  What I am really doing is trying to over compensate for my low prudence.

When I can make myself do it the weekly review is a great level set for me.  I spent the 2 hours on Sunday reviewing all of the projects that I have taken on and where they are.  As usual, my appetite for things to do and reality are probably not in line but this week I am trying something new.  I have taken each section of Complete Fulfillment and tried to pick one achievable item to get done by next Sunday when I do my next weekly review.  I have tried to pick most of these outside of work so I will need to go back and make sure that work is actually doable so that I am focused on the right things when I am there but work never seems to be the area lacking attention.

I am taking this approach in an attempt to make sure that there are not parts of my life that are left behind.  We will see how the week goes – I am tired of writing posts about how poorly this concept has gone for me.  Time for some progress.

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