I am no longer an Ignite virgin

 I had the chance to attend Ignite Portland tonight.  What is that?  I really didn’t know walking into the event but a friend of my @geekygirldawn suggested it a good event so I tried it out.  Here is the deal.  There were 19 speakers on random topics that were chosen by a selection committee.  I ran into Dawn on the way in and asked what I was in for.  This is the deal - each presenter gets 5 minutes to present 20 slides.  The slides automatically advance every 15 seconds.  There is no MC.  When the speaker is done the next one comes up.  That is it.  The topics are  very diverse and the skill really being demonstrated is storytelling.  It was a great event and I'm glad to have discovered it.  It was at the Bagdad Theater which was cool by itself.  The next one in Portland is on March 3rd.  They are held all over the nation so find the one near you and check it out.  Sorry for the blurry pics but that is what you get with an iPhone in the dark.  They are also posting the video from the event on the Ignite Portland site.