Kids + Creativity + Technology = Amazing

I have been doing some work on some side projects lately.  One of these has been looking at how my kids schools can take advantage of the best assets they have which are the amazing Christian kids that go to that school.  I went over to YouTube for another project but I ran across this video by a 6th Grader for his science class.  The world has changed a ton since I was in 6th grade and the people running these schools need to get with it.  There are not just new technologies the paths of communication have radically changed.  This is a great example of if a teacher was aware of how to do some of these things it would greatly empower more kids to do amazing things.  I have found that new technology is scarry for people that don't understand what they are or how to use it properly.  I am working to change that in 2 small cases right now but I hope to free more people to do the same. 

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