I love social media

It is interesting watching people talk about social media, the social web or whatever they choose to refer to it as.  There seems to be this constant displeasure pop up about people referring to themselves as “experts” by some of the same people that consider themselves experts.  I am not claiming to be an expert but I can say that I love this stuff.  The social interactions that applications like Facebook and Twitter create are not just neat new technology but game changing platforms.  

In the context of Complete Fulfillment I am writing about this because as I have realized that this gets me excited.  I don’t know exactly what that means for me going forward but I want to make it part of what I do at work.  I am convicted that this changes the way people operate and most people don’t understand it even remotely.  This leaves the ability for growth and change wide open for the masses.  I will find a way to make this part of what I do every day.  To this point it is most days but it can get pushed aside by other duties.  

I came across this video this week that I enjoyed and wanted to pass along.

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