I need a Manspace

I was going through my backlog of RSS feeds from the many blogs that I follow and I came across this TED talk about manspaces.  I was an only child growing up and moved around quite a bit.  As a result I am an introvert.  This might surprise some people that I know but I get my energy from spending time by myself.  That can be a tough thing to get anymore.  Work is just crazy all the time and when I get home we have three kids ages 5,3,<1.  

When I saw this talk today I was thinking that this was a great idea.  One of the issues we have is that we are not in the house we want to be in 5 years from now so I don’t want to invest in something we would leave.  We also don’t have enough space for this but I love the idea and something I will keep thinking about.

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