Light & Shadow Photography – My Favorite in PDX

We recently took our girls Katelyn (4) and Addison(2) to Lisa Cornell over at Light and Shadow Photography.  This is the second time that we have taken our girls to Lisa and both times she has done an amazing job.  Her studio is at her house and she has an amazing way with our girls. 

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As you can see in the pictures the girls have a great experience and that comes out in the pictures.  In the past we have done pictures at lots of places – the first year of Katelyn’s life she had photos every month.  We don’t get around to that as much any more but there is no question that if you want to end up with great pictures that bring your kids to life you should go see Lisa over at Light and Shadow. 

I have yet to meet Lisa as my wife has taken them both times but I have always been impressed with the variety of pictures she produces.  Many of the poses are what I call real life pictures.  The girls are playing and don’t always seemed posed – these end up some of the best picture.


Professional pictures can tend to be expensive but we get a ton of pictures for the price.  One of the best things is that she will sell you a CD with all the pictures taken and you have the rights to them.  She also has the small things nailed.  She gives you a small leather book with all the pictures and the CD is in a beautifully designed box. 

The true test of business is would you recommend them to your friends?  For our family that is an easy and emphatic YES.