Sunray Premium Playground Review Update

It is amazing sometimes what will drive traffic on a blog. I originally put my post about this play structure up so that my dad could show pictures of what we did to friends back home. To my surprise this gets about 20 hits a day on the blog. So I thought I would give a few more tips and tricks to the assembly.

Tip #1

If you don’t have an air compressor and a impact wrench get one. If you have to rent one or just break down and buy one it is worth it. There are a lot of bolts that will make your arm fall off if you do it the old fashion way. We bought a small Porter Cable one with the wrench for about $200.

Tip #2

Have two people. This would be tough to get started by yourself. It is not impossible – I put tried putting some of the initial pieces together without my Dad and it sucked. It was very inefficient and hard. Once you get the basic framework up you can do a lot of it alone but two people is way more efficient.

Tip #3

Have 2 electric drills with at least 2 batteries. We used multiple drills. My trustworthy Black and Decker that I have had forever started smoking by the end. It was only 14v and was getting a workout. I used a neighbor’s Dewalt 18v drill and it was a champ. When my Black and Decker finally bites the dust that is what will be replacing it. Make sure you have at least 2 batteries for each drill. Having two drills lets both people be productive. Most of the holes are predrilled which is great. That made assembly easy. There are a zillion screws to this thing - easy but a lot.

Tip #4

Don’t stress out about anchoring it. When you get this whole thing together it is very solid. You should put it on as level of ground as you can but we had it on a slight slope and it was ok. We had to put some cement 1” blocks under the swing set side to level it but it is very steady and has been getting lots of play. When you are done it comes with a bunch of 18” rebarb with some big washers welded on the side. You pound that into the ground and drive some lag bolts into the structure and it really won’t move.

If you have any specific questions please feel free to ask - I will be happy to answer them if I know.