The Flip Mino - I Have To Get This.

One of the blogs that I read is Jason Graham-Nye over at g-Diapers. I met Jason when he came to speak in an MBA class I was in. Jason and I have yet to connect but we have many items in common and one is an affinity for gadgets. Jason has a new Flip video camera he just picked up. This is something I need to have not necessarily for me but my wife will love this and use it to death. She currently takes video of our kids on the old digital camera but it has really poor quality. We have a nice hard drive video camera but she won't use it because it is to hard.(?) The Flip is amazing because it is inexpensive, small, and very easy to use. The video quality seems good - especially considering you will probably watch it on your computer and not a hi def tv. You can see an example on Jason's blog and another over on Gizmodo. The one on Gizmodo is the new Mino which is smaller and has a rechargable battery. I'm not sure what model Jason got but it is probably the Ultra because the Mino just came out last week. The only bad thing it seems about the Mino is that the batter takes forever to charge. This will be a purchase in the near future.