Sunray Premium Playground Install Sucess

Over the weekend my Dad and I installed the Sunray Premium Playground we bought at Costco.  In came in six boxes and I thought I was giving up most of my yard.  While it did take up some of the yard it seemed to complete it.  My wife and grandma did not think we would be done in 3 days but there was more than enough time to do the building and the yard work.

I was impressed with the engineering and ease of construction of the swing set/clubhouse.  I really wanted to make this post to show off the pictures and say thank you to Sunray for making such a quality product.  It looks great, the instructions were clear, and the quality is fantastic.  My girls love it and it is hard to keep them inside.  It is a great addition to our backyard.  Thanks Grandpa and Grandma for everything on this!

The finished product.

A set of custom stairs on the back.  We have a two year old that is too little for the set as designed.  We had to find a better way for her to get into the clubhouse.  She has a four year old sister that she is going to follow.  We wanted to make that possible and safe.

The factory ladder - not two year old friendly.

The steering wheel and scope.