Catching Up On Some Reading

For anyone that has followed this blog regularly or by chance will notice that my postings have been sporadic at best. Last Friday was my last deliverable for my MBA program I am completing, which I have been doing along with work and two little kids. So needless to say I have not had much free time. I found a pattern last summer when we had a few months off after the first year. I spent the first month catching up on all the reading I had not done for 9 months - along with other things like family, movies and blogs. I am now going through all of the magazines that I need to catch up on. I am reading about 40 blogs a day, eWeek, Infoweek, CFO, Fast Company and Inc. The biggest backlog is with Fast Company and Inc. As I work through those they usually will drive some interesting thoughts. If you don't read these you should start. They are run by the same company and get joint marketed - so you can usually get a great deal on the subscription for both. Anyways... more thoughts to come on the readings.